Board Game is an arena where you and your opponent can play various kind of crafted NFT's to face each other to win rewards. There is 3 round in total, winner of 2 out of 3 will win the game. Winner of first 2 round will win directly without need to play another round.
How to Play
Player's will lay their cards one by one without showing front face of the card each turn, then play one of the four boost(all of them is free to use) they seem fit.
>Power of Water: %25 decrease opponent’s card weight on that round, one time use.
>Power of Fire: Multiples currently played card with random amount.
>Power of Air: Can see opponent's card (normally face down)
>Power of Earth: +5 exact weight increase for my own card
At the end of the every turn cards will flip and show their weights and boosts to opponent, bigger weighted card will win that round.
There is 3 separate league for different level of Crafters! Player's have to be in between mentioned below intervals to participate in board games.
*Junior League
Min. Weight: 6 --- 50 :Max Weight
*Senior League
Min. Weight: 51 --- 150 :Max Weight
*Master League
Min. Weight : 151 --- 1000 :Max Weight
Board Game is crucial for weekly CRAFT rewards.
Board Game Rewards
Players can collect weekly rewards by winning at board game and holding crafted NFT's.
With the latest increase on board game rewards, Team will distribute +20,000 $CRAFT instead of +10,000 $CRAFT for the board game winners every week.
-Your board game rewards calculated based on leaderboard of the leagues that you are participating.
*win x1 for every Junior League
*win x4 for every Senior League
*win x6 for every Master League
-Every week rewards are calculated separately, so total win achieved by player of that week will be counted for rewarding.
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