⚗️Alchemist Chest

Alchemist's chest is a system where 4 main elements are sold per week. You only need 4 main elements to mint cards in TaleCraft. These are Air-Water-Earth-Fire. These 4 elements are supplied by weekly sales.

Alchemist Chest is a kind of chest opening system. 10,000 units are put on sale every week. The Maximum purchase right is 100 chests. The Alchemist's Chest is purchased with

First 2500 chest: 8 CRAFT + 0,1 AVAX

Second 2500 chest: 10 CRAFT + 0,1 AVAX

Third 2500 chest: 12 CRAFT + 0,1 AVAX

Left-over: 15 CRAFT + 0,1 AVAX fee.

AVAX fee is used for rewarding NFT holders. It has FCFS (First Come-First Serve) system. Only 4 main elements come out of this chest and it has a randomized structure. Of the 10,000 chests, 2500 are water, 2500 are fire, 2500 are earth, and 2500 are air.


Burn Mechanic

100% of the $CRAFT accumulated from weekly chest sale is burned weekly to create deflation.

Board Game Rewards

Players can collect weekly rewards by winning at board game and holding crafted NFT's.

Team will distribute +20,000 CRAFT for the board game winners every week.

-Your board game rewards calculated based on leader board.

-Every week rewards are calculated separately, so total win achieved by player of that week will be counted for rewarding.

Rewards for Crafted NFT Holders

Here's how to calculate rewards for crafted NFT holders:

-Reward Equation = βreward=(2-1/10000)*(amount of chest sold)

-Weekly Total Reward = ßreward x 0,1 x Amount of chests sold

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